Upgrading Android Studio from 0.6.x to 0.8.x

Recently at Google I/O, new features of Android studio were announced and it was further solidified that the Google-approved Android tool set is shifting from Eclipse + ADT to IntelliJ/Studio.  Of course with any bump to Studio’s functionality comes an upgrade in version.  Unfortunately, this upgrade was not an incremental upgrade (no downloading the patch… Read More »

HTC publishes infographic on Android update process, details update status for HTC One

One of the most painful parts of owning and Android device is being behind the curve when it comes to device updates.  The wait for device manufacturers and carriers to play nicely with Google so that our devices may receive the latest and greatest version of Android is long and arduous, and for many devices,… Read More »

Voice++ now available!

About two months ago, I unveiled a limited beta version of Voice++, my Google Voice companion app (  After several iterations, a few rounds of bug smashing, and some incorporation of general feedback, we’re finally ready to release.  Voice++ is now available in the Google Play Store, ready for you to download and use! What… Read More »

Android Troubleshooting Adventures: Fix “Error Loading the SDK” Eclipse Error (and a few others)

Sometimes the Eclipse-based Android IDE setup feels like using a rebuilt muscle car; when it runs smoothly, things are great, but there are those moments where things come to a screeching halt, requiring a few minutes (or hours, depending on the issue) of troubleshooting to correct. One of these troubleshooting moments happened this afternoon. Upon… Read More »

Brackets: Open Source IDE for the Web

Every developer has his or her favorite toolkit. Within that toolkit, they have favorite tools that they find easy, effective, and generally a joy to use. One of those tools to me is Adobe Brackets. Adobe has come a long way from the days of Flash and is making some pretty cool tools for authoring… Read More »

Web Afternoon Augusta: A recap

The past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Web Afternoon Augusta. It was a great experience, featuring speakers from all facets of the web experience, ranging from developers to designers, teachers to practitioners, and authors of the web to consumers of the web. The event Web Afternoon is a series of mini-conferences centered on… Read More »

Droidweb: A Work In Progress

If you’ve noticed lately, there’s been quite a bit of swirl on The site was largely unusable about a month ago (thanks to some DNS mismanagement on my part), the layout has been in flux over the past week or so, and worst of all, there hasn’t been any new content in a while!… Read More »