Gingerbread Roms Coming to a Phone Near You

Gingerbread!  Get your gingerbread here!  Our buddies over at XDA-developers are maintaining a list of Gingerbread-enabled AOSP roms that are ready for usage on your phones. Most of these are ready to go and be uploaded to your rooted phone, though a few are still in beta.  If your device is on this list and you’re already rooted, go ahead and grab some Gingerbread glory!  Of course post a comment back here about the experience.

Note that these ROMs are AOSP-based.  This means that they are working and based on a stable code base, unlike the SDK dumps that we’ve been seeing lately.  SDK dumps are largely unstable and unusable; many of your phone’s features won’t work under these and they’re merely for aesthetics / proof-of-concept / having something ported as quickly as possible to satisfy (y)our insatiable appetite for new software.

Here’s the list at the time of publication:

List of ROMs

Samsung Galaxy S

Developer: supercurio

HTC Droid Eris

Developer: punk.kaos


Developer: m-deejay

Google Nexus One

Developer: MicroMod777


Developer: MrNameless

HTC Desire

Oxygen [This ROM is hihgly recommended]
Developer: AdamG

Ginger Villain

Developer: richardtrip


Developer: bcnice20

Developer: preludedrew

Salvage Mod .9 .1
Developer: echoside

HTC Incredible

Incredible Gingerbread
Developer: r2DoesInc

Developer: preludedrew

HTC Dream

Developer: Dominating

T-Mobile Pulse
Developer: Tom G (MoDaCo)

Unfortunately we here at Droidweb don’t have the time or the devices to test out all of these roms.  When we do get around to playing around with a few, you better believe we’ll write up a review or two for you.  Until then, happy Rom-mas!

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