Announcing: Voice++


As promised, I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on recently with the Android community.  As you might have seen from some of my past posts, I am a huge Google Voice user.  One day while using the product it hit me; “Wouldn’t it be cool if my texts popped up on my screen and I could quickly reply without leaving whatever I happened to be doing at that point?”  Thus Voice++ was born.  Still in its early stages, V++ provides quick reply functionality to your existing Google Voice application.


To use Voice++, install from the .apk below (after reading the warnings and notes).  Log into your Google Voice account (it needs to be the same as the account you’re using for the standard Google Voice application).  Enjoy!




Successful Login!:


A typical message popup:

V++ in action


By downloading the link below and installing Voice Plus Plus on your device, you agree to the following:

Voice Plus Plus is provided with the understanding that the project is in its early (read: Pre-Alpha Stages).  Things are broken.  Voice Plus Plus comes with no warranty and is released on an AS-IS basis.  I am not responsible if this application breaks, causes you to miss that really important sext, fires ze missiles, or otherwise inconveniences you.  If something does go wrong, drop me a comment below, or a tweet @droidweb and I will assist you how I can.  Remember: This app is not replacing Google Voice (yet); its extending Google Voice.  Also by downloading you promise to leave some sort of CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.  That means more than ‘this sucks’ and more ‘I couldn’t access my texts in situation X’ or ‘I would like to see Y’.

Ok now that we got that out of the way, here are some other notes:

Known Issues

  • I haven’t fully gotten to text whether the text receiving works immediately after phone reboot.  So if you happen to get a text right as you restart your phone, you will either miss the first text, or the notification will appear late.  Not sure if this is an actual bug, or just a quirk in my tests so far.
  • When you receive a text initially, you will get both a notification from Google Voice, and the popup.  Disable Google Voice text notifications if this annoys you.


  • The icon sucks bro!: I know.  I am not an artist.  I will work on improving the icon sometime in the future.  If, in the meantime, someone wants to donate an icon for the project, I would be eternally grateful.
  • Erm… what does this app do? Right now it looks like the app doesn’t do much, but after logging in with the same Google Voice account you’re using on your device, Voice Plus Plus will intercept incoming text messages and place a convenient popup on your screen, allowing you to quickly respond.
  • Where’s the source?  I’m getting on that.  Expect a github link posting later this week.


Enough talk already!  Here’s the download!