Think Outside the Market: Android Applicatoins from

Curious about what’s out there beyond the Android market? Well now you may be able to easily find out. A new site, which touts itself as the Non-market android application database, is now listing applications not necessarily found in the Android market. Beyond that, its providing links by which to download them for free. According the the site’s bold text: “Third party apps, beta applications or apps that were removed from the Android Market can eventually be found here.” Sounds exciting? Currently the somewhat limited list of applications found on this site includes:

  • Chain Rxn: The extremely popular facebook game ported to Android
  • ToggleHeadset: A widget that fixes the HTC adapter compatibility issues in Android 1.5
  • AndNav 2:  Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation for the US
  • International Weather Widget
  • FBook:  Application that optimizes the Facebook Mobile Interface
  • SMS Barrage:  “Utility” to send mass SMS messages.
  • Root Task Manager:  Enables easy termination of applications
  • TodoList: Simple to-do Application
  • Wifi Tether:  Tether 3G connection via ad-hoc network or Bluetooth


To use these applications you have to activate Unknown Sources under Applications on your phone. In the coming days, I will bring you application reviews for some of these applications, especially the Root Task Manager which I use right now., Site for non-market Android applications, Site for non-market Android applications


I spoke with Tim Gonzales, head of the project. He mentioned that if any developer wants his / her material added to the site, just email him the .apk file @ Also the site is being redesigned as we speak. In 3 to 4 weeks expect a site with:

  • Scannable QR barcodes
  • Revamped interface
  • More software

This site defiinitely has the potential to be helpful in the future.  Check it out!